Over the years, Lethbridge Lines have mostly worked for private clients in the London area; recently however, we have had more interest from developers, builders and designers.

Lethbridge Lines was established to provide Londoners with a quality-led professional cabinet making and joinery service. We have a team of makers, fitters and painters, one of whom specialises in spray finishing.

We continue to invest in new methods of construction, design and finish, and machinery for our 4,500sq ft workshop.

John Lethbridge

John graduated in 2000 having completed a Furniture Making and Design from the esteemed Rycotewood College of Art and Design in Oxfordshire. Prior to establishing Lethbridge Lines in 2005, John worked for Benchmark Furniture and Christopher Mason-Hornby, as well as running his own furniture-making business for five years.

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John Lethbridge